How to choose the right wellness coach for you

People come to me for coaching for many different reasons. 

Most are stuck in a cycle of anxiety and depression and have tried traditional methods to healing with no success. Others want to reach that next phase in their life – career, family, social life – but are being held back by their ongoing struggles with mental health issues. 

But the burning question they all have is “How do I know you are the right coach for me?” This is something I always address upfront because let’s face it; if we aren’t a good match, this isn’t going to be good for either of us. 

Ultimately if you have not had the outcomes you are looking for with traditional therapy and medications, the FASTEST way to heal and achieve freedom is an expert coaching approach. Whether you come to us or choose someone else – hire a coach. 

How do you know which coach is the right coach for you?

Here are the key things you should consider. 

First, do they have the right experience? 

When I say experience I’m not just talking about professional experience. To be an effective wellness coach you need the right life experience. 

The reality is that there are a lot of wellness coaches out there. Many offer different focus areas and promise different results. But ultimately if they haven’t lived through the struggle you are facing, all of the degrees in the world won’t teach them how to deal with exactly what you are going through nor do they personally know how to break free from that cycle. 

There is a big difference between learning about anxiety and depression in a textbook and having actually walked through it, and gained freedom from it, yourself. 

The other major experience component is, does the coach share the same belief system that you do. My strategy is based on a personal relationship with God and the teachings of the Bible. If that is something you don’t believe in or are not interested in developing, then I am not the right coach for you. 

Second, do their clients get the results you are wanting to achieve?

You want to work with someone who has a proven track record of getting their clients to the place that you want to go – freedom from anxiety and depression. The coach also needs to be living the life they are promoting. If there is no evidence of these two things, you need to keep looking.

We all love written testimonials….but can they be trusted? I know. I know. I even use written testimonials from time to time.

I feel like mine seems a little too good to be true until you hear the words from our clients sharing their transformation in their own words. 

The way to find real, honest accounts of success is through video testimonies from the client talking about their experience. It needs to be genuine and prove that its clients are able to achieve the same results you desire.

Beyond that you want a simple to follow strategy with specific steps to help you replicate the success they have had. 

You need to be able to see insight into what they do and examples of implementation for how they do it. Have they made it faster for you to get there than the trial and error process they went through? 

This is what I’m talking about when I refer to a PROVEN strategy to ACCELERATE your healing. 

Third, are they using the best coaching framework?

There are many approaches to coaching from just one-on-one sessions to more of a group coaching model to only videos for you to watch on your own. 

So which approach is best? The answer is none of the above. The best coaching programs will have a hybrid approach that incorporates all of these things to help you through the process. 

There are pitfalls to employing any one of these techniques alone. From building dependency on the coach to the concept of “the blind leading the blind” so if you rely on just one method – you will not be successful.

What you really want is a program that uses expert coaching, structured group discussions with peers who are also fighting for healing, and learning materials that walk you through each step of the process. The combination of leadership and accountability that this creates is the best way for you to make real progress and gain the freedom you seek.

Last but not least, do they have a coach?

Why would you want to work with someone who doesn’t follow their own advice? A coach that doesn’t work with a coach of their own should raise a huge red flag. If they believe coaching works, then it only makes sense that they would also have a coach. 

Is your coach coachable? I would never hire someone who is too arrogant to see the need for their personal growth and neither should you.

I’ve given you a lot to think about. If you think coaching is the best path forward on your journey to break free from anxiety and depression and you are wondering if I am the coach for you – the next step is easy.

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