Looking for client reviews?

A lot of people search for third party client reviews for what we do here at Achieve Emotional Mastery. These types of reviews are generally associated with restaurants and products like DVDs and books…NOT approaches that lead to you changing your life.

Because of the individual and deeply personal nature of our proven strategy, we do not have our clients leave us stars or other trivial reviews.

We do understand that you want to know that the strategy we follow is indeed “proven” and to provide you with this evidence, we ask our clients (who are willing) to share their experiences and the results they achieved in video interviews so you can see for yourself.

One of my favorite client interviews is the one I did with Shawna

She was like most of our high-functioning clients: she was able to hold down a job and practiced at putting on a mask to pretend she was ok. 

Her daily struggle with anxiety and depression felt miserable and was preventing her from happiness. 

She shares openly what living with anxiety and panic attacks was like…the frustration, the negative consequences, and the confusion around why other methods had failed her.

Eventually enough was enough and she reached out to us to finally put all the puzzle pieces together so she could heal completely. 

She healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually and in a short time began speaking and teaching and impacting the lives of those she knew God had called her to reach.

One of the reasons I LOVE this interview is because at this time it had been 18 months since she completed this process and she is still walking in freedom! 

Our approach not only focuses on accelerated healing, but giving our clients the tools they need to secure their success and continue to have lasting results and avoid relapses.

Shawna’s testimony is just one example of what our clients have experienced.

We have many examples of clients we have worked with from a variety of backgrounds so you can see the proof for yourself. 

The best place to find all of these videos is on our YouTube Channel. Feel free to subscribe to stay up-to-date with new information and updated client testimonials. 

Everyday we help adults who are getting by and exhausted from managing anxiety and depression. At Achieve Emotional mastery, we use our proven strategy that addresses the whole person so they can overcome completely, restore hope and happiness, and pursue a new life with freedom.

Here’s the plan:

1. Watch our FREE masterclass.

Learn the top 5 shifts my clients have used to overcome anxiety and depression

2. Identify what is blocking your healing.

We’ll show you what has been missing from the other treatments you have tried.

3. Leverage a whole health approach to heal completely.

We will teach you how to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

So…Watch our FREE masterclass… so you can stop continually managing life under the weight of emotional instability… and… finally achieve emotional mastery.