I saw the most interesting comment on social media. A person who is still struggling with mania and relapse and entirely NOT free of the pain of bipolar disorder explained that bipolar disorder is something you are born with. When I refuted this and explained what I had seen in my clients that I help lead to healing every day, this person said “you are born with a chemical imbalance in your brain. It is not curable. Only manageable.”

Have you heard the same thing? If you struggle with anxiety, depression, and/or bipolar disorder…. \”sorry, but is not curable….you can only manage it and you can only hope for remission.\”

To be very very clear, remission means that you should expect it to return. The widespread belief is: YOU WILL NEVER BE FREE. ​
You have been lied to. You have been told by the over educated and the doctors that you would be on medications for the rest of your life and the best you could possibly hope for is to just manage and survive. 
​Yours is a doomed existence, sentenced to a prison of eternal emotional instability.

What a load of complete and utter malarkey!

I wonder if it has ever occurred to you that the very doctors and organizations that tell you that you will be on medications for the rest of your life and that you will NEVER be able to heal are the very people that benefit in this being true. Big Pharma is BIG BIG business. They want you to believe that you can never get better and that you MUST rely on medications to live your life.

What does the medical community have to gain by you no longer needing medication? What do they have to gain if you are able to find total freedom? What do they have to gain by you thriving in your life, achieving your dreams, or having fantastic relationships?

I am not suggesting a conspiracy theory. I am just pointing out that, of course, your doctors are not telling you it is possible to heal. They don’t believe that you can heal because of their years of training and indoctrination. They have not been taught how to heal you from depression or anxiety and certainly NOT bipolar disorder. So when they say to you, you can only manage and you will be on medications for the rest of your life…well, they believe those statements.

Unfortunately, all of this has led to you hearing this lie over and over for the years on end. You have stayed in the midst of your struggle, locked in, ALL because the truth has never been spoken to you…you have heard my story and how I spent years fighting my way to break free from anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder symptoms. NOW I am completely healed.

Let me spell out healing for you. It means that I am not on any medications. Not one! I do not have one symptom of mental or physical illness; and I live in complete emotional, physical, and spiritual freedom.

So who do you want to listen to? 
The person who believes you were born with it or the person who says you can heal from it and is living proof that it is true?

Here is a statement I recently shared:

Quote reading "Listening to advice from a person with yoru same struggle brings empathy and prolonged struggle. Listening to advice from a person who has already broken through leads you to YOUR breakthrough" - Staci Rivera

Who are you willing to listen to?​

Let me add fuel to the fire….the whole concept of being born with anything is so infuriating to me!!
This has been a trend lately in the media with a great deal of various things.

The implication is that if you are born with something that we should just all have pity on you, feel sorry for you, and you have no responsibility in finding or fighting for your own healing.

That simply is NOT the way life works.

And it is certainly not what the Bible says.

We are meant to be whole, healed, and walking in joy and peace. That is God’s design and plan for us- to be thriving.
If we DO NOT have that wholeness, complete healing, and happiness in our life then we need to seek GOD for wisdom on how to align our life with HIS word.

Often…to bridge the gap between where we live and where GOD’s word says we are to be, means we need to get help.

The journey to healing from anxiety and depression is not easy. If it were easy and simple, no one would be struggling with this.

​It takes a very specific strategy that addresses your physical health because yes, this has a lot to do with brain chemistry. It also requires that we shift our mindset and cast off negative thought patterns and of course, heal from past traumas. It also means we have to take our spiritual health into consideration as well. We cannot heal without God being our partner.

So essentially, you need a solid plan that can show you exactly what you need to do to heal. And honestly, even the best plan, may not be enough. You also need personalized strategy and accountability and support.

It is possible to heal from bipolar disorder, OCD, PTSD, and get rid of panic attacks and live a life of joy and be free from deep abiding sadness. That is a bold statement, I know…it makes some people mad….
I hope it extends LIFE and HOPE to you.

Your situation is not beyond hope!
It is possible to heal.
You are going to need someone in your corner that knows exactly what to do and can help keep you on track until you can keep yourself on track. 
With expert assistance, it is possible for you too.

Do not listen to the lies anymore.
In your heart, you know it is possible to heal.
You know it is not too late to turn your life around.
And you know you have dreams you want to pursue.

What is in the way of your dreams?
If your emotional health is in the way of your dreams, fan into flame the hope that healing is possible! Kick your fear in the face. Reach out to our team for the next step in your journey to complete and total healing.

So… here’s the plan:

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2. Identify what is blocking your healing.

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3. Leverage a whole health approach to heal completely.

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Dream Big and BREAK FREE!! It is time to THRIVE!